Youth Ambassador

Dane County

Name(s): Miles Beining

City: Madison, WI

Ambassadors since: July 2015


Miles Beining

Get to know Miles!

1. Specific animal rights issues that interest you?


2. Favorite hobbies and activities?

I like to make movies, play with my dog/sister, write, make bath salts, learn French and Japanese, act, draw, cook, hike and read. I also have a great interest in Jediism and am a practicing Buddhist.

3. Why did you join the alliance?

There are many reasons why I became an activist but one of the biggest reasons is was seeing a truck packed with pigs on the way to slaughter on a highway. I was very young and I imagined this.

It was a dark and rainy morning. Carry woke up to find a human staring at her. Oink? She asked. The human opened the pen. I'm free! She thought. She struggled to her feet and walked out of the pen. She saw the big door opening and saw that blinding light she always saw whenever someone opened it. WHAP! Someone had hit her and she was forced back into reality. One hour later she passed our car on a concentration camp truck. We were heading toward my grandmother's house when she looked into my eyes and in that moment I knew that I had to help suffering animals in any way that I could.

4. Why do you think people should get involved with the Alliance and/or animal issues?

Getting involved is a great way to help save the environment and animals. I would highly recommend it to anybody who cares about the world and/or animals. The two are more closely related than one might expect.

5. Favorite quote?

"Animals are my friends...and I don't eat my friends." - George Bernard Shaw

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Animal Ambassadors represent the Alliance throughout the state. Ambassadors can be any age, and can have any level of experience with animal activism. Ambassadors tell us exactly what the people in their area want, and they work with the Executive Director and the Board to make those things happen!

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