Volunteers are the cornerstone of our work here at the Alliance for Animals and the Environment. We do our best to provide meaningful, rewarding volunteer experiences for individuals of all ages and interests. Many of our volunteers have been with us for decades, as they enjoy taking action on behalf of animals and engaging with like-minded people. If you are interested in volunteering, please check out the volunteer opportunities listed below.

Madison Efforts

Farmed Animals

Join an active group of volunteers to be an advocate for farmed animals! The Farmed Animals Committee does the following activities to highlight the cruelties of factory farming, educate about the environmental devastation caused by animal agriculture, and to promote veganism:

  • Leafleting
  • Giving out vegan food samples
  • Pay-per-view video screenings of "Farm to Fridge"
  • Tabling at the Dane County Farmers Market
  • Restaurant outreach (getting restaurants to be more vegan-friendly)
  • MadisonVegan.com project
  • Vegan mentor program
  • Vegan Drinks meetup group

If you're interested in helping with any of the above, either on a regular basis or for one-time events, or want to advocate for farmed animals in other ways, contact FAC leaders Sara at sara@allanimals.org or Johnna at bjohnna@gmail.com.


The Wildlife Group has posted no hunting signs, worked with the Companion Animal Group on opposing trapping, and has been a dedicated team of goose egg oilers. Right now, we're working to expand our efforts on the wolf hunt. Melissa Smith is the Wildlife committee leader. If you would like to join this committee please Contact Melissaa (wiforwolves@gmail.com) for more information.

Animals In Research

The Animals in Research Committee fights animal experiments at Covance, UW-Madison, and other Wisconsin locations through educational events, protesting, and legal action. Aaron Yarmel is the Animals in Research committee leader. If you would like to join this committee please Contact Aaron (aaron@allanimals.org) for more information.

Animals in Entertainment

Currently the Animals in Entertainment Group is planning actions on circuses, pig wresting, and zoo issues. If you would like to join this group please contact Lynn (lynn@allanimals.org) for more information.

Seeking Leaders

We are currently seeking leaders for our efforts to help animals in the following issue area. If you're interested, contact alliance@allanimals.org with a description of your past advocacy experience and other skills you could bring to the organization.

  • Companion Animals

Not from Madison?

The Alliance is based in Madison, WI but now has ambassadors around the state! If you're in a different area of Wisconsin and would like to get involved, contact alliance@allanimals.org or contact your regional ambassador here.


Our volunteers perform a variety of duties for our main annual events, Mad City Vegan Fest and the Annual Vegan Chili Cook-Off. Volunteers help with setup & takedown, sell merchandise & tickets, greet attendees, help with food preparation, and other aspects of the events.


We're looking for volunteers to help scan documents, finance and fundraising, write articles, or to help in other ways to keep our organization running smoothly. Many of these tasks may be done at home, on your own schedule. If you're interested, contact alliance@allanimals.org.


We are always seeking interesting blog posts on areas included in our mission. Whether it's an upcoming legal action, a book review, an opinion piece, or some research, please contact alliance@allanimals.org to pitch your blog idea. We are also seeking photographers with quality, high resolution photos for use on our website and social media platforms. Artists interested in creating posters for events and meetings are always welcome!