Veganism, Cruelty-Free Lifestyles

Veganism is a moral and political commitment which extends not only to matters of food, but to clothing, other products, and personal actions and choices. Vegans are people who abstain from eating animals and avoid using products that have animal-produced like milk, eggs, leather or honey or that contain animal-derived ingredients like gelatin. It also involves living a cruelty-free lifestyle: not purchasing products that have been tested on animals. In our modern world, a fully vegan life style is more of an ideal than a possibility since so many products contain ingredients that are animal derived, like car tires and plastic bags. Veganism isn't about being perfect; it's about not contributing to animal suffering as much as possible.

Veganism is the ultimate philosophy of compassion for all sentient beings. Veganism is a natural and logical result of the idea that animals have feelings that matter just as much as our own. People who embrace this philosophy avoid activities and using or consuming products that involve harming other animals.

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The WHY and HOW: Tips, Recipes, and More!

For tips on making the switch, recipes, information on the "WHY", and more, visit, made by our friends at Mercy for Animals.

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Vegan Mentorship Program

Thought about going vegan or vegetarian? Recently made the switch? Looking for extra information or support? Try the Vegan Mentor Program. You decide what you want to talk about, what you do, and how often you meet. We'll provide advice, how-to's, recipes, information, and fun! For free! Email to sign up today!

Meet Other Veg-Enthusiasts!

These meetups invite you to meet and socialize with other vegetarians and vegans in the Madison and Milwaukee areas.

Each event is well organized, friendly, welcoming, and some include delicious vegan food. This is a great place to come either alone or with your family or friends, to social with like-minds and learn more about a vegan lifestyle.

You will be sure to meet some great people!

Also check out the following location-specific Facebook groups:

Mad City Vegan Fest

Check out our annual Mad City Vegan Fest - free to attend, and all are welcome!