Southeast Wisconsin Ambassadors

Milwaukee County

Name: Tim Swartz

City: Milwaukee, WI

Ambassadors since: February 2015

Contact: and 414-477-9709

Tim Swartz

Get to know Tim!

1. Hobbies, passions, other non-animal rights interests?

I enjoy reading, playing poker, hanging out with my people, learning new vegan recipes, eating out, live music, and spending time with my mischievous, trouble making dog. I’m passionate about speaking out against oppression in all of its forms, whether it takes the form of economic inequalities, human rights violations, freedom of speech oppression, racism, sexism, homophobia, or speciesism.

2. Any specific areas of animal rights that interest you?

I have focused most of my efforts on educating myself about abuses to other animals who we have traditionally used for food, because the majority of exploited other animals are in this category, and ending these abuses would save the most lives. I am also interested in defending the rights of all other non-human animals who are exploited by humans. My personal conviction is that the fundamental idea that we as animal rights activists must confront in our society is that humans are superior to other animals, and that we are justified in claiming them as our personal property to exploit and abuse however we wish, merely because they are not members of our own class of species.

3. Why do you think people should get involved with the Alliance and/or animal issues?

I would recommend anyone who is interested in changing our WI culture’s traditional views about our relationship as a species to other animals to seriously consider joining in the efforts that Alliance for Animals and the Environment have been involved in for 31 years. Having the support of an established animal rights/environmental organization in your activist efforts not only gives your work a more professional appearance to those whom you are trying to influence, but also provides you with access to funding, and to a network of like-minded, experienced activists who you can lean on for support, encouragement, friendship and guidance.

4. Favorite animal rights or activist quote?

“The notion that human life is sacred just because it is human life is medieval.” - Peter Singer


Name: Alex Hushek

City: Wauwatosa, WI

Ambassadors since: April 2016

Alex Hushek

Get to know Alex!

1. Hobbies, passions, other non-animal rights interests?

I enjoy running, slacklining, reading, ceramics, and playing the ukulele.

2. Any specific areas of animal rights that interest you?

The main areas that I am concerned about are the treatment of animals in zoos and factory farms.

3. Favorite animal rights or activist quote?

"I am a nice shark. Not a mindless eatin' machine. If I am to change this image, I must first change myself. Fish are friends not food."- Bruce - (Finding Nemo)

"Most activism is brought about by us ordinary people." - Patricia Hill Collins

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