Central Wisconsin Ambassadors

Marathon County

Name(s): Brittany and Michael Disher

City: Wausau, WI

Ambassadors since: February 2015

Contact: tofuneverscreams07@gmail.com

Brittany and Michael Disher

Get to know Brittany and Michael!

1. Tell us about your family!

Our furkids in order of adoption:

Montie is a wonderful, acrobatic, and clever cat who loves to window watch, play fetch, and cat nap.

Merry is so sweet and a huge lover who has amazingly overcome a very difficult life prior to becoming part of our family. She's a kissing and barking machine.

Gray-C is a bit of a timid sweetheart who loves getting pets, and is not as graceful of cat as her name suggests. She is also a professional window watcher and cat napper.

JJ Monroe is a rambunctious food loving daddy’s boy who specializes in counter surfing, snuggling and fetch.

Our human daughter, Aida, is currently 2 ½ years old and words cannot describe how beautiful, fun, and full of life and love she is. When asked who her best friend is, she will always reply "Merry".

2. Favorite hobbies and activities?

Things we enjoy: Family adventures, cooking, Nintendo, vegan chocolate cake, reading with our daughter, board games, soy lattes and coffee, finding new vegan places in other cities, novice home beer brewing, watching TV and movies (admittedly in excess), roller coasters, learning new ideas, and experimenting with self-proclaimed amazing homemade vegan pizza recipes!

3. Any specific areas of animal rights that interest you?

We believe animals should not be used for testing, entertainment, or food. It is extremely unfortunate how connected society is with animal exploitation and the use of animals for economic gain. We want to help spread awareness of these issues.

4. Why do you think people should get involved with the Alliance and/or animal issues?

People should get involved with the Alliance because it is only by joining these efforts and by taking progressive action that we will achieve collective societal awareness of why animal cruelty and exploitation is wrong and needs to end.

5. Favorite animal rights or activist quote?

For its conciseness and truth, Mahatma Gandhi's famous words: "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

Ambassadors for the Animals

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Animal Ambassadors represent the Alliance throughout the state. Ambassadors can be any age, and can have any level of experience with animal activism. Ambassadors tell us exactly what the people in their area want, and they work with the Executive Director and the Board to make those things happen!

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