Animal Ambassadors in Wisconsin

Ambassadors for the Animals

How You Help Us Serve the Wisconsin-wide Animal Rights Community

Alliance for Animals and the Environment is a Wisconsin wide organization. Currently, our largest volunteer and member bases are in Madison and Dane County, and that is where we have held most of our events. We are working to improve access to resources for our members outside of Dane County, but we are just in the first stages of this project.

That's where the Animal Ambassador system comes in! Animal Ambassadors are representatives of the Alliance who are spread throughout the state. Ambassadors can be any age, and can have any level of experience with animal activism. Ambassadors tell us exactly what the people in their area want, and they work with the Executive Director and the Board to make those things happen!

To be an ambassador, you must commit to communicate by email at least once a month with the Executive Director, to give updates on events and projects in their area. That's all you have to do! But you will have multiple other opportunities:

  • Admin access on social media sites so you can post or tweet
  • Ability to write pieces for the newsletter, Simply Vegan e-newsletter, or e-alerts
  • License to propose projects (like meetups or screenings) in your area under the Alliance name
  • Ability to organize committees on the five areas of animal advocacy in your area
  • Option to subscribe to an email list with all the other ambassadors to build connections and share ideas
Since this is a new project, all other opportunities will be considered and approved by the board on an individual basis.

Join us in creating an inclusive, Wisconsin-wide animal rights community!

To apply to be an Ambassador, download our application, and send it through email to or through mail to

PO Box 1632

Madison, WI 53701