2015 Year In Review

Together with your contributions, the Alliance has accomplished a lot for animals in 2015 - but we need your help to continue the work. Your generous donation will be used to promote compassion and respect for all animals and protect the environment we all share.

Main Events

  • 12th Annual Vegan Chili Cook-Off and Raffle (Oct 4)
  • Mad City Vegan Fest (June 27) - attracted over 4,000 attendees!

Farmed Animals

  • Tabling & Other Events
    • Well Expo (Jan)
    • Great American Meat Out (April 11) - Alliance sponsored & volunteered at this event
    • Madison's Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale (May 2) - raised $285
    • Dane County Farmers' Market (May-September)
    • Fruit Fest (June 13)
    • Alliance members participated in MFA's protest of Gordon Food Service's treatment of chickens (July)
    • Atwoodfest (July 25-26)
    • Fighting Bob Fest (Sept 19)
    • Willy Street Fair (Sept 20)
    • Midwest Environmental Education Conference (Oct 21-24)
    • Junior Statesmen of America Convention (Nov 14)
    • Women's Expo (Nov 21-22)
    • UW-Madison pay-per-view (Dec 11)
    • Holiday Vegan Bake Sale & Craft Sale (Dec 20)
  • Leafleting
    • Orton Park Festival
    • Madison Area Technical College (2 dates)
    • Middleton High School
    • Farmers Market
    • Local leaflet distribution at a number of restaurants, coffee shops, and grocery stores
  • Restaurant Outreach - Convinced The Cooper Tavern to add a vegan entree to their dinner menu
  • Vegan Mentor program - four mentees this year who met regularly with mentors. We also have had a number of great conversations spawned directly from the program, whether at events while discussing the program or from email inquiries.
  • Vegan Drinks - the Alliance sponsored monthly (or more frequent) Vegan Drinks events, bringing vegans & the vegan-curious together for support, advice, and fun!


  • UW Open Records Leafleting (Mar 20)
  • World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week:
    • Harlow Lab Peaceful Sit-In (Apr 18)
    • Leafleted about Kalin's experiments on primates (Apr 25)


  • Conservation Congress (Apr 13)

Ambassadors' Activities

Milwaukee (led by Tim Swartz)

  • Woman Up! (Feb)
  • Northshore Wellness Body Mind and Spirit Expo (April 19)
  • The Urban Ecology Center Summer Celebration Festival (July 25)
  • Light The Path (July 25) - Alliance members joined this Direct Action Everywhere event
  • Warped Tour Leafleting (July 28)
  • Bayfield County Fair (Aug 8-9)
  • Bayview Bash (Sept 19)
  • Neighborhood House of Milwaukee's Fifth Annual Health Fest (Nov 14)

Green Bay (led by Galina Anqud)

  • Oneida Farmers Market (Aug 27)
  • UW Green Bay Org Smorg (Sept 16)
  • UW Green Bay Org Tabling (Sept 25)

Youth Ambassador (Miles Beining)

  • Animal Time TV show
  • Heartland Farm Sanctuary tour/class (October)
  • Helped with Madison's December bake sale

Fox Valley (led by Anna Peterson-Sanders)

  • Tabling at the Oshkosh Farmers Market
  • Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale - raised $400 total, 1/2 going to the Alliance, 1/2 to FARM
  • Earth Fest in Sheboygan in August - pay-per-view and food sampling
  • Held 3 vegan potluck events this year

Central WI (led by Brittany and Michael Disher)

  • Brittany and Michael landed a TV segment on Wausau news! They represented the Alliance and shared a vegan taco recipe!
  • Made several contacts with the Executive Director of Wausau Events urging for the end of using animals for entertainment during their largest summer event. (Will work on this more in 2016)
  • Made several contacts with all sponsors of the Wisconsin River Pro Rodeo, and mailed every sponsor a letter outlining animal abuse involved with rodeos. Change.org petition was created by local veg member, with over 6,700 signers. Worked with SHARK (Hannah arranged) who provided tips on rodeo protesting. Received many responses back from sponsors. (Will work on this more in 2016)
  • Worked with local restaurants to encourage more vegan selections
  • Visited Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY to help further our education as ambassadors for animals
  • Leafleted at UWSP to help spread awareness about the meat / dairy industry


  • Alliance members participated in Humane Lobby Day 2015 (April 7)
  • Stakeholder meetings in Milwaukee & Madison (Nov)
  • Printed & sold Alliance shirts
  • Sponsored Melissa Smith's wildlife conference

Board Members and Staff

We welcomed new board members Bob, Melissa, and Sara.
Leslie, Lucy, Betsy, Debbie, Melissa, and Megan resigned.
Our ED resigned, and we hired Sara Andrews as a part-time Interim Director of Operations.

Please help the Alliance continue this work to protect animals and the environment.