2013 Year In Review

Together with your contributions, AFAE has accomplished a lot for animals in 2013 - but we need your help to continue the work. Your generous donation will be used to promote compassion and respect for all animals and protect the environment we all share.

2013 Highlights

This year AFAE launched MadisonVegan.com, a new website listing vegan-friendly restaurants in the Madison area, and had the biggest turnout yet at the annual Mad City Vegan Fest: over 2,000 people! We also convinced Dane County to ban trapping where it is legally able to do so. Throughout the year, we kept animal issues in the public eye through tabling events, letters and opinion pieces in the local newspapers, and a debate on national television!

We changed our name to Alliance for Animals and the Environment, to capture the critical connections between a healthy environment and the lives of the animals around us. There is a growing realization of the ties between animal agriculture and the destruction of the environment, and we are glad to educate people on this important issue.

At the end of this year, we welcomed a new Executive Director. Her knowledge, experience and skills will keep us moving forward. And more important than those qualities, she shares our passion for making a difference in a world that too often can seem indifferent.

General Animal Rights Issues

  • AFAE co-director Rick Bogle presented Animal Rights 101 at the Alicia Ashman Branch of the Madison Public Library
  • Had an informational table at the Farmers Market on Capitol Square throughout the summer/early fall
  • Had informational tables at Fighting Bob Fest and the Atwood Summerfest
  • Provided dozens of animal rights VHS tapes to Tom Regan library
  • Published several Letters to the Editor and Opinion Pieces in The Capital Times and The Wisconsin State Journal

Promoting Veganism

  • Held a Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale at Goodman Community Center
  • Held Mad City Vegan Fest with over 2,000 attendees and 37 exhibitors
  • Launched Madison Vegan website and billboard
  • Held 10th Annual Vegan Chili Cook Off and Raffle with 8 local restaurants competing
  • Spoke about veganism on WORT radio show
  • Provided 13 local high schools subscriptions to VegNews
  • Continued Simply Vegan E-Newsletter with Marina Drake as writer/editor extraordinaire
  • Handed out hundreds of free vegan samples and spoke with many women at the Women's Expo at the Alliant Energy Center

Animals in Entertainment

  • Handed out 5,000 flyers during the Zor Shrine Circus in February
  • Staff, board members and volunteers videotaped and documented circus performances at most shows
  • Filed USDA complaints



  • AFAE member Deanna Devaul organized a Candlelight Wolf Memorial in front of the State Natural Resources building to commemorate the 117 wolves killed in the wolf hunt
  • Oiled goose eggs in city parks to keep the goose population down and prevent geese slaughter
  • Attended and spoke at DNR open forums against trapping/hunting in parks
  • Convinced Dane County to ban trapping where it is legally able to do so

Companion Animals

Janesville AFAE held a Petland Protest on Mother's Day weekend in honor of all of the puppy mill mommies.

Please help AFAE continue this work to protect animals and the environment.